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Hoop School 2


Please note that Hoop School is not designed for everyone, as we only want to work with young people who have a strong work ethic, passion for the game, commitment to improving their skills, desire to work on the their weaknesses, improve their basketball IQ’s, leadership skills, willing to do their homework and to be coach able. Our program was created out of request and needs of many kids, coaches and parents; as we regularly have a waiting list.



Please note we have designed our program to be parent and family friendly, as we know that everyone is busy. You (every kid) will have at least 1 year to complete their selected package choice!  Gym availability, and both your/mine personal, business, church and family commitments are also other factors that will determine our workout schedule. Our goal is to have at least one workout a week when school starts; with two sessions per week whenever possible. Due to the our flexibility, waiting list, and length given to complete your package we do not offer refunds.  Upon receipt of your registration and payment you will be assigned to one of our six groups; as you will receive an email notice several days prior to scheduled workout times. At this time most workouts will be held at either North Cobb Christian School (NCCS) or LakePoint Sports Community.

If you cannot attend one of the workouts, simply response back via email and let us know. This will help with Coach Jordan lesson plan for our sessions and with our record keeping.

Hoop School 1

Grades 9th & Below:

Coach Jordan strongly recommends that all kids grades 9th and below start with our 20 session, as this is the age need to ensure that we correct any bad habits and set the foundation for solid fundamentals needed!



Please note that 1 hour = 1 session; please keep track for your records. There are 6 different levels of training and we will work hard to ensure that each child is advancing and getting what they need to move their skills, knowledge, confidence and attitude to that next level. Everyone is asked to sign in and keep records of their sessions. Thank you for your interest in our program; we look forward to helping your child develop, grow and embrace the game!

To register a player, please complete the application below:


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